Saturday, October 10, 2015

Park Street's 22nd Annual Classic Car Show

     This year's classic car show in Alameda did not disappoint, and I actually enjoyed it more (if that's possible) because the early morning was overcast and wonderfully cool so I could actually see the cars and not just sun glare, and I didn't have to go running for shade every so often. As I said in my first post on this show, which you can check out here, this is one of the best car shows I've seen (and I've been to a lot with a car-enthusiast father). Not only is the selection of cars great in terms of models and years, but the cozy atmosphere of the Park Street and downtown Alameda area can't be beat.
     Since I already gave tips on how best to enjoy this show in my first post, I'm just going to describe my experience at this year's celebration of real cars and real craftsmanship. The show tends to be heavy on the Mustang side, which is perfectly fine for me because Mustangs are my all time favorite. At this year's show, I saw my favorite 1965 Mustang as well as a variety of '66, '67, and '68 Mustangs. There were fastbacks and convertibles and beefed up racers. One had cream-colored leather seats with embossed mustangs galloping across. Green, red, black, blue, and even one with racing stripes. Sigh.
     I also hoped to find at least one Chevy Nova (my second favorite classic car), and I found two! For the Chevy lover, there was a large variety of Chevelles, Malibus, Camaros, and even a Corvair I took pictures of for my dad. There were a couple trucks, a couple ancients, a couple new, and even a VW van. I was also impressed by a Plymouth Roadrunner, which I believe was a 1968.
     Many of the owners are happy to chat with anyone interested in their cars, and a couple cars were for sale. I had my eye on a black Mustang with a cobra head gear shift. Dreamers will dream. I also enjoyed watching all the people wander up to a car in silent awe, glassy eyed. I've posted several photos below for your enjoyment. If you couldn't make it to this year's classic car show, worry not. It happens every October, it's always a good show, and it's FREE. Mark those calendars because this is definitely a Bay Area Miss-Me-Not.

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